About us

Principal Activities​

The Group is a health and wellness company whose products and services areformed by the insights derived from genomic-based artificial intelligence platform.

The platform will access an individual’s applicable genomics along with responses from AI-guided behavioural questions and the individual’s clinical data.  This information will be used to create a digital representation of the individual, i.e., its digital twin which has been trademarked as GEDI (Genomics Empowered Digital Identity).  Utilizing peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications as well as pertinent social media, the platform will then be continually self-improving and to bring actionable health insights and recommendations to the individual.

The insights derived from the platform will be used to initiate clinical trials as well as consult with existing clinical trials in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.  The platform will also allow for clinical trials to be done virtually (“in silico”) which would have the potential to allow for greater precision and probability of success.

The digital platform will be interoperable with the electronic medical record software systems currently deployed by most hospitals and clinics.  Its algorithms and genomic data points provide an additional layer of analytics and are intended to enhance personalized care for patients by improving clinical decision making.

The Group’s proprietary genetic and pharmagenomic testing services will be offered initially in Europe and eventually worldwide.  These tests will provide the analysis behind potential therapeutic recommendations as well as advice on what pharmaceutical products are suitable or unsuitable for the consumer.